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Tara Jenner has received endorsements from various organizations in the state of Florida, numerous residents of Lee county, as well as family and friend . These endorsements reflect Tara's commitment to conservative values and her dedication to serving the people of Florida.
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Tara Jenner has also received endorsements from local business leaders, community members, and members of the Republican Party of Florida who have witnessed her passion for public service and her ability to bring people together to achieve common goals.

Tara's endorsements demonstrate her ability to work collaboratively with others and her commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Some of her endorsements include:


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Denise Nystrom

Assist. Superintendent for Personnel, ret.

LCREC Committeewoman Precinct 313



I am pleased to endorse Tara Jenner for State Committeewoman for the 2024 election. Tara and I met a few years ago at school board meetings, and over the years, I have gotten to know her very well. She is a bold Constitutional America First Patriot who walks the walk and puts her own money where her mouth is.

Tara was a JAG attorney and veteran who has volunteered to help children, families, and the community for decades.

In 2022, she ran for the position of Vice Chair for the Lee County Republican Executive Committee and won. She took a disorganized entity and established practices, procedures, and training and has turned the operation into a well oiled machine.

Tara’s integrity is second to none and she has a demeanor where she can remain calm and rational in politically charged situations.

One of the things that I admire most about Tara is her many accomplishments as a volunteer. The position of State Committeewoman is yet another volunteer position which shows she is all about contributing her time and talent rather than focusing on pay..

Lee County would be fortunate to have Tara as the liaison between our Republican voters, the County Party, and the Republican Party of Florida.

I give her 100% of my support.

John Jenner 

Labor Steward

Boston, Ma.


Someone with you strong integrity and grit is definitely perfect for a fight that needs tenacious leadership and not a bending principle that goes with what is popular. This is Tara Jenner! She is a woman of service and faith. She comes from a military background..her discipline to founding principles and the preservation of our nation is unmatched. Her faith is a moral strength that we all should strive for. As I've followed her journey through the political realm and shining lights on those in it for personal gain or who have dubious ideological motives; She has shown an acumen for - not just the broad vision we need- but the banal micro-details that are all so important in affective governing. I, being a construction union member from Boston, rarely if ever have a chance to vote for such a pro American candidate. Though I do not have the chance; you as Floridians do.

So do not miss such a great opportunity to vote in a fantastic candidate like Tara Jenner!          



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Dr. Iris Ramirez

Committeewoman Precinct 318

Fort Myers, Florida

Tara Jenner, as Vice Chair of Lee County Republican Executive Committee (LCREC) and before, has devoted much of her life to help assure this past banner year of new members, cash flow, and activities. This alone qualifies her as the choice for any official seat in the Party.

I met her 4 years ago, during the start of COVID at school board meetings as she was very active even then on school board issues. She has always generously answered any questions I have (they have been many over the years) and guided and educated me on historical, political and US Constitutional matters among others. She works tirelessly for what she believes in and I stand amazed at her energy.

She seems to live to empower people with knowledge and serves as a voice of reason in groups. All this I have witnessed over the years that I have had the pleasure of watching her. Because of her professional and volunteer background, she has a special KNOWLEDGE & skill-set/experience that is beyond anyone else's in our group.

She is not juggling two jobs or any other thing that would dilute her ability to bring her unique inspiration and ideas to the Republican Party of Florida.

Tara Jenner has demonstrated great integrity and passion to do what is right and to encourage others. She clearly brings excellent energy; organizational & people skills to any table that she sits at.

I cannot imagine anyone as qualified as she for the post. She has the time....let's take advantage of her offer to become our State Committeewoman!!

John E. Conley

Proud Republican Volunteer
Cape Coral, Florida

Dear fellow members of the Republican Party,

There are those times in history when the need arises for a stronger voice in the Republican Party. Tara Jenner is that needed voice. Being right on the issues confronting us is not enough. These answers must be heard. Communication skills are required for this accomplishment. Being a proud, skilled Air Force JAG officer veteran has given Tara the knowledge and experience in the law built on the Constitution. She is a leader who knows we are right on our Country’s needs.

Elect Tara as the State Committeewoman to wake up Florida along with those of our Republican Party at this critical time. I stand on the side of those who fight daily for our country and our people, including President Donald J Trump, General Flynn, Senator JD Vance and Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a strong voice for America in her own right. Tara is such a voice. I stand with her as she stands for you and our party.

Donald Braswell

Committeeman Precinct 144

Naples Florida

Tara Jenner has the characteristics of a great representative State Committeewoman.

She has served our country as a JAG officer and is competent in the law of our nation. Tara has always proved to me to be an approachable leader. A necessary element of a good leader.


Tara is an excellent communicator, able to speak minus legal speak and buzz words we all have to endure in this technical acronym-filled world. My discussions with her show her willingness to listen to facts and is ready to act on good data. Tara knows that sharing knowledge is power. You will know the facts and results of meetings in our state capital. She is an America First candidate!

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J D (Dave) McGehe

Treasurer LCREC

Committeeman Precinct 310

Naples, Florida

I'm please to see that Tara is running for Republican State Committeewoman for Lee County.  She will bring vision, leadership, and those crucial skills of "situation analysis" and "activity followup" as she helps us link statewide activities with Lee County activities. Tara has been handling these tasks since January 2023 as our Vice Chair of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee, and I'm pleased to support her in her bid to broadening her focus to all of Lee County.

John K. Thomas USA (Ret)

LCREC Committeeman and Precinct 318 Captain
Secretary & Treasurer America First Republican Club

Fort Myers, Florida

I have worked with Tara. Jenner for over two years. I have observed and admired her ability to pack so much of herself into a daily routine that would exhaust most of us. She is deeply committed to her leadership role to ensure the LCREC is engaged in helping our committee to promote Republican candidates with true conservative principles.


Tara has a wealth of experience in county, state and national election policy and procedures and regularly represents Lee County in meetings throughout the state. She is a doer and, as such, has earned the respect of her peers.

Tara voluntarily conducts classes to instill the knowledge necessary to ensure election integrity. She exemplifies the fire and passion needed to ensure that only solid, respected Republicans are nominated and supported for election.


You can usually tell a lot about a parent by the behavior of their children. Tara has two very bright, well-mannered, and an informed, conservative young adult in their early twenty’s who emulate her conservative values.

Accordingly, I am proud to endorse Tara Jenner’s candidacy to represent Lee County as our State Committeewoman.

john thomas photo.jpg
JoJo Tabares

Heaven & Health

Certified Optavia Health Coach

I’ve known Tara Jenner for many years. We met when we were both homeschooling our children.  I’ve admired her commitment to her beliefs, work ethic, love of and service to our country, conservative Christian family values, and her knowledge of history and our Constitution. I’m proud to call her one of my dear friends and I believe she will make an incredible State Committeewoman for the Republican Party in Lee County. 



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