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Tara Jenner is a dedicated and experienced Republican with a strong conservative background. As an Air Force Veteran with 10 years on active duty, she has a history of serving her community and country. With a legal background and a passion for history and our founding documents, Tara is committed to defending our God-given rights and upholding the Constitution. Her love for God and country is unwavering, and she is ready to be your link with the Republican Party of Florida as your next Lee County State Committeewoman.



Tara Jenner believes two-way communication is key to the success of the local County Party and the State Party. Promotion of seminars, caucuses, and fundraising events along with educational resources, newsletters, and informational bulletins will be some of her primary duties. Tara has been active in this role as the current Vice Chair of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee (LCREC) and as a Precinct Committeewoman.

Tara has attended all the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) quarterly meets for some time now and has developed much of the precinct committee member training protocols currently in use at the Lee GOP. In short, she is already do
ing the job of State Committeewoman, absent the title and authority to vote at the Republican Party of Florida level.

As the liaison between the registered Republicans and the Republican Party officials, Tara will strive to connect the grass-roots Republicans with those in elected party positions.


Tara Jenner knows that quality candidates are often passed over in favor of those who have glossy fliers and tons of money promoting name recognition over substance.  Tools to help the voters of Lee County evaluate the policies and principles of the candidates are a key component of Tara's responsibly to aid the voters in selecting candidates who share their values and positions to ensure we have the best qualified representatives from the local level all the way up to the top of the ticket.

For years Tara has hosted candidate "Hot Seats" helping those in the community discover who the candidates really are and their specific stance on important issues. Written sample candidate questions are a resource made available to every voter,
and Tara will happily address any group, large or small, to share tips and approaches to vetting candidates. Just email her at and put "Candidate Vetting Training" in the subject line.

Click below for PDF downloadable sample questions. This list will continue to be expanded, so come back regularly.

General Candidate Bio Questions

General Vetting Considerations and Questions

County Commissioner Questions

School Board and Superintendent Questions

State Senate and State Representative Questions

Cape Coral City Council Questions

Judicial Candidate Questions

KrisAnne Hall's "We the People Candidate Employment Application"


Tara Jenner believes that the future of our Republic and the Republican Party is with the next generation. Reaching out to the younger and future voters, and engaging them, benefits all Lee County residents. Not only do seasoned Republicans have a duty to mentor the next generation, we need to be receptive to their ideas and ways of presenting information. Using different media outlets and "deBoomerfying" our language, without compromising the content, is key to future success and growth of our party.

As the mother of a 19 year-old son and 24 year-old daughter, both
of whom are members of the Lee GOP, Tara has a  direct connection with the younger voters in Lee County.


Tara Jenner knows that preserving our Republic is essential to the future of Lee County. She will work to encourage press and media involvement to share the Republican message, and not just during the election cycle, as a way of life.

Tara is adamant that we insist on referring to "Our God-given rights" rather than "constitutional rights," as she understands that the latter implies our rights come from government, and thus could be taken away by government.

Contrary to many, Tara is not worried that we will lose our "Democracy." Rather, she is concerned we are becoming a Democracy, which is nothing short of mob or majority rule.
We are a Constitutional Republic in which the rights of the minority are protected from the will of the majority.

Tara Jenner knows Lee County is a diverse community and that we must engage with those who often mistakenly believe that the Republican Party doesn't represent their interests. We need to take back the narrative that has too long been controlled by the left without any correction. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil Rights movement. We are the party of "We the People" and not big government. We are the party of liberty, opportunity, and faith.

As someone who speaks Spa
nish and German, is conversant in Italian, and whose mother was an immigrant, Tara is sensitive to those in our community from different backgrounds and regions.

Tara Jenner knows that the Constitution is the backbone of our Republic. She will work to create an environment that is unapologetically founded on our God-given natural rights. She believes that we need to invest in guiding and instructing our representative so they do not overreach their limited and defined delegated authority. Empowering the people to stand up and assert their rights in the face of opposition is another focus of hers.

Elected officials swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution. But what exactly do they understand that document to mean? Tara understands that the Constitution is an enduring document that needs to be applied based on its original intent.  Read her responses to the questionnaire that she asks all candidates to complete regarding their un
derstanding and application of the Constitution.

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